Julie Ritchie, M.S. CCC-SLP spearheaded the implementation of FEES within the hospital setting in Austin, TX  when she found modified barium swallow studies often fell short in proper diagnosis of dysphagia with many of her patients. Once practicing FEES, the implementation and use of this instrumentation rapidly became her preferred method of diagnosis due to the sensitivity and accuracy of the exam.  

While FEES became valued and well utilized in the hospital setting where Julie worked, she noted that there were a lack of options for swallowing diagnostics once patients left the acute care setting within the Austin area.
Now through the formation of Texas Mobile FEES Dysphagia Specialists, LLC,  Julie brings the superior approach to dysphagia diagnostics to your patients as well.  

Our Story
Hello!  I'm Julie Ritchie, the founder of Texas Mobile FEES Dysphagia Specialists. 

My professional experience with FEES in the acute care setting, and my belief that clinicians and patients should have options for dysphagia diagnostics, led me to the formation of my company.
Eleven years ago, at St. David's Medical Center, I spearheaded the first hospital FEES program in Austin, TX.  I wanted to add FEES to our instrumental evaluation options, because I found that modified barium swallow studies often fell short in proper or timely diagnosis of dysphagia with many of my patients.  Our FEES program was a great success at St. David's.  Both patients and the medical team benefited from the utility that FEES provided as an objective instrumental examination.  Soon I was able to train a team of clinicians in FEES and expand our FEES program to what it is today. 

While I have continued to perform modified barium swallow studies, FEES has become the instrumental evaluation of choice in my practice.  This is largely due to the quality and amount of information I am able to obtain on swallowing ability, anatomical findings, respiratory coordination, and sensory awareness impacting the swallow.   
I went on to form Texas Mobile FEES so that clinicians and patients throughout the continuum of care had access to FEES for management of dysphagia.