Why Texas Mobile FEES
  1. The Evidence
    FEES was first implemented in 1986 by Susan Langmore and her research team. Langmore first published data demonstrating the effectiveness of FEES in 1988. FEES is within the scope of practice of the speech-language pathologist, and is a highly sensitive and effective instrumental assessment for evaluation of swallowing disorders.
  2. Cost Effective
    With FEES, costs are kept low as there is no radiology fee, no transport fee, and no time away from the facility. Therapies and other treatments are not disrupted, and can be provided the same day as FEES.
  3. The Practice
    Texas Mobile FEES Dysphagia Specialists, LLC brings you experience and expertise in swallowing disorders, with eighteen years of experience in dysphagia diagnosis and management. We conduct FEES in a variety of settings including: Acute Care, LTAC, Inpatient Rehab, SNFs, and ENT offices.
  4. The Accuracy
    FEES has repeatedly demonstrated a sensitivity equal to or greater than MBSS, in determining whether a patient is exhibiting penetration, aspiration, delay in swallow initiation and pharyngeal secretions that cannot be detected during an MBSS.
  5. Timely
    Texas Mobile FEES Dysphagia Specialists, LLC offers you timely scheduling and on-site reports, allowing you to form appropriate treatment plans and manage your clients' dysphagia confidently.
  6. Safe
    FEES is safe for use at the patient's bedside or chair side. There is no radiation exposure and no use of barium. FEES is a more conservative method of evaluation for patient's at high risk for aspiration of food or barium, and can be repeated without the accumulative effects of radiation exposure.
  1. Dr. Johanna Morton, Vascular Neurologist
    "Julie is truly a gift to her patients. Not only does she have extraordinary skills and knowledge of cutting-edge therapies, she is able to catch and diagnose pathology that would be missed by experienced physicians."
    "Julie is highly respected by her peers, physicians, and the entire clinical team. What makes Julie exceptional is the flawless way in which communicates complicated clinical data to her patients and families, ensuring education is provided and understood."